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  • Grand Unified Grouse Theory

    Grand Unified Grouse Theory

    We here at this particular branch of the internet comedy factory have been tossing the word “grouse” around since 1997 in some form or another, often in conjunction with pictures of ducks. It’s become a very messy and fragmented thing. Today we’re taking some steps towards putting everything together into a single Pretty Grouse entity.…

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  • Hiking Fiasco

    Hiking Fiasco

    Being stuck inside with only glowing screens for work, play and social interaction has us dreaming of previous Grouse times in the outdoors. Once upon a time there was sunshine and grass and wildlife, but right now the best thing a lot of us can do is live vicariously through old blog posts.

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  • Episode One

    Episode One

    Mike talks with Matt about the original Grouse Site of the Day page from 1996, and what’s grouse now.

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  • Thanks For Signing Up For Duck Facts

    Thanks For Signing Up For Duck Facts

    We think ducks are pretty Grouse (unlike grouse, which are pretty dumb). We’ve always featured ducks on the various iterations of Grouse through the years, but there’s never been a comprehensive guide to ducks before. Here are some sweet Duck Facts!

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