Hiking Fiasco

A dirt track leading into the distance with some mountains in the background

Being stuck inside with only glowing screens for work, play and social interaction has us dreaming of previous Grouse times in the outdoors. Once upon a time there was sunshine and grass and wildlife, but right now the best thing a lot of us can do is live vicariously through old blog posts.

These are my deer friends oh yeah well let’s see your witty caption collection where every single one is comedy gold then

When it comes to blog posts about the outdoors, you can’t beat Hiking Fiasco. It is very infrequently updated and includes lots of posts about not having posted for a while, which we here at Grouse find highly relatable. All the content, however, is top notch and extremely well written.

It’s a refreshing break from hiking tales that are padded with self-congratulatory selfies and sponsored links for expensive gear. Instead we get tales that don’t skip the parts where you’d pretty much welcome being struck by lightning if it’d get you out of having to drag your pack one more step.