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  • Hailing Frequencies Open

    Hailing Frequencies Open

    In this very special visual episode of How Much for Just the Podcast?, Damo and Mick talk about how the Star Trek timeline is going to intersect with the actual real one this year! Tickets to “Hailing Frequencies Open” a special event to celebrate Picard and friends being on Earth during the Melbourne International Comedy…

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  • Birthday Quiz 2023!

    Birthday Quiz 2023!

    Hey folks! Save the date because we’re doing a special Backyard Quiz show on August 12 at Theory Bar! We’ll be kicking off at 5pm and hanging out at the bar after! More details coming soon!

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  • A Pretty Grouse Show

    A Pretty Grouse Show

    Grouse Media presents for your entertainment a quiz show, if a quiz show was knocked up in a backyard one Sunday afternoon by two blokes who’d had a few too many beers.

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  • DAAS at Redlands Community College, 1991

    DAAS at Redlands Community College, 1991

    The year is 1991. Paul Keating’s second leadership challenge against Bob Hawke succeeds, and he becomes Prime Minister of Australia. The Soviet Union collapses, bringing the wavering remnants of the Cold War to a final end just as the Gulf War reaches its peak, laying the foundations for a legacy of pain and destruction that persists…

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