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  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Damo and Mick mark the milestone of reaching the first Star Trek movie by getting sidetracked even more than usual and end up discussing Lost, The X-Files, Superman comics, US late night TV, ship enthusiasts, touch typing, and more! There’s more digression than you can poke a nuclear wessel at!

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  • Tomorrow is Yesterday

    Tomorrow is Yesterday

    A black star flings the Enterprise back to 1969, where they snag an air force captain named Christopher, and get sultry with the computer. Naturally, Damo and Mick are gonna talk about it, in this episode with added hangovers! Klingon jokes, Shatner’s fighting, getting the “jab”, it’s all entirely logical. Don’t question it too much.

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  • All Our Yesterdays

    All Our Yesterdays

    In some of the chronologically earliest Star Trek events, Bones and Spock sit in an ice cave while Jim gets accused of witchcraft and is offered some soup.

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