Podcast: How Much for Just the Podcast?

  • Little Green Men

    Little Green Men

    Three unscrupulous men visit mid-20th century Earth and attempt to doom the inhabitants to decades of unfettered capitalism, ever-advancing military technology, and the horrific oppression of living in a society obsessed with profit. Their plans are thwarted and humanity is allegedly spared from this fate. Lucky us!

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  • Storm Front

    Storm Front

    In this episode, Damo and Mick talk about Star Wars, Lenovo technical support, Spirk shipping, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Risa holiday experience, how to reboot Mick when he gets stuck, and pretty much anything else except the Enterprise episode “Storm Front” which is theoretically why they sat down to chat in the first place.…

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  • The City on the Edge of Forever

    The City on the Edge of Forever

    In this fantastic episode of classic Star Trek the action never lets up! The gang meets a polystyrene donut named Carl, Doctor McCoy helps the Nazis win, Spock wears a beanie in a beanery, and Jim gets a boner.

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  • Time’s Arrow

    Time’s Arrow

    Damo & Mick are back with the next episode of their journey through Star Trek canon in the worst possible way. In this episode, Data’s head falls off and he is mistaken for a Frenchman. Hijinks ensue.

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  • All Our Yesterdays

    All Our Yesterdays

    In some of the chronologically earliest Star Trek events, Bones and Spock sit in an ice cave while Jim gets accused of witchcraft and is offered some soup.

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