Mario Kart: Fury Road

Gotta tell you, Mad Max: Fury Road was the most insanely Grouse movie I’ve seen for a long time. Never before have I seen hype meet reality in such a satisfying way. Even that though, wasn’t enough to get me to dust off the old keyboard and post some stuff here. Until today … when two of the most Grouse things in the world were brought together in this beautiful trailer right here.

If you’re still on the fence about seeing Mad Max, despite all your friends jumping up and down talking about what a fantastic ride it is, you should check out Ozzy Man’s review below and see if that convinces you.

Fair warning though – if you are convinced and you want to see it, skip this review for now. It’s got mild spoilers for stuff and I think you’ll enjoy it more going in cold. It’s up to you now, use your power wisely.